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How to Create A Landing Page: Best Practices for 2022

I’m wondering about graphic design programs for creating landing pages I can find at no cost. Whatever marketing method you choose, whether digital or physical, having well-designed graphics that appeal to consumers and affect their minds is essential. There’s a group of graphic designers that have the education and skills to make use of complex instruments and applications for creating all kinds of creative visuals.

Unfortunately, in a lot of smalls – to medium-sized businesses and organizations, there’s no graphic designer that would create a stunning landing page. If this is your situation, at Open Print we want to help, thus we have curated a directory of free graphic design software. Now you have no excuse to not having the best ever landing page design!

The general roster of the best free graphic editor programs to create landing pages.

The Adobe Illustrator program is commonly used by graphic designers, filmmakers, and photographers for the creation of various images due to its specific set of characteristics and capabilities. A considerable investment of time is required for this program to be learned.

If you’re in search of a simple and effective graphic design program, keep reading this list of free online graphic design tools, and you’ll find 8 free tools to help you design eye-catching advertisements. All the graphic design programs we offer are free, but they’ve got paid upgrades to add various tools for you.

Librarians especially appreciate the first two programs because they allow for sophisticated graphic design without having prior experience working with such packages. The three latter programs are far easier to use and generally require no previous experience. Lastly, the next four are meant to serve particular faculties, such as photo editing.

1. Gimp

We began with GIMP (GNU Image Manipulation Program), a free design app for landing page creation that is popular for being the free replacement for the well-known Adobe Photoshop.

The apparatus provides a vast variety of tools that you can use to alter or refine any type of image file on almost any system. It will take a while to get the expertise required to properly use it, but the final results are highly satisfying.

2. Inkscape

Inkscape, a PageUp-like word processor, is our subsequent recommendation. It’s possible to likewise use it as free of charge alternative to one of those popular vector graph software. It provides lots of handy features, including a flexible administration panel, methods to add layers, texts, animations, varied attributes, and more.

Photoshop is enough to create an outstanding landing page for your advertising and marketing campaign, and the biggest downside to this software is that it does not support CMYK colors. Your job is confined to RGB colors, which are used for electronic products. It’s also ideal to know about the design application basics and how to use them.

3. Gravit designer

This program offers the option for either the operating system’s version or the downloadable version. It is one of the most advanced graphic design programs in vector creation, perfect for landing page design.

It is less complicated to use than the previous ones, so less previous experience is needed to make use of it, and all and attain the same level of the score for the conclusion. Furthermore, it includes a variety of templates that will make your life simpler.

 4. Canva

The free online fashion design program has gained much recognition for its extremely intuitive and convenient interface, which makes creating landing page designs effortless. It’s equipped with templates for all sorts of projects, such as CVs, flyers, business cards, posters, wedding invitations, and manufacturing presentations that are A3 or bigger. It has a multitude of original fonts and symbols.

It’s equipped with templates for all sorts of projects, such as CVs, flyers, business cards, posters, wedding invitations, and manufacturing presentations that are A3 or bigger. Furthermore, it has a multitude of original fonts and symbols.

Among the few disadvantages is that the tools offered by Canva are not available to those with the Pro plan. They will have to pay an annual fee or an ongoing monthly fee.

5. Piktochart

Piktochart is another free design app that shares many features with Canva. Rather than infographics, Piktochart is good for creating reports, brochures, and other kinds of ready-made content that you can include to your landing page. It offers many templates to simplify your process.

6. PicMonkey

In this scenario, it’s one more design app for online use. You’re capable of working with images that you can further include in your landing page too. With a large variety of effects and filters to choose from, editing hopeless photos become a piece of cake. You could also do it from the Android or iOS programs, or from any computer program that you may download for free. In addition to an infinite variety of templates that are similar to your previous software applications, there are also unique templates that you may utilize to help design the structure.

7. Pixlr

Pixlr is an online image editing option, like photo-editing applications before, designing your landing pages. It is an online image editor for modifying graphics, and you can use it for free on any browser directly from the Web. Its user interface is user-friendly, making it great for novices, but it can occasionally produce results that are professional.  It removes the background of images with a single click and presents them to you in formats such as PDI, PXD, JPEG, PNG, WebP, SVG. You can use its collage feature to create images from a collection of pictures or images. You can also use effects, templates, collages, filters, or make original collages.

8. Photoshop fix

If you need a portable photo editor for mobile devices, Adobe Photoshop Repair is a free and reputable choice. It works to perfect your most cherished and crucial images in a simple manner on your mobile device or Tablet. Heals buffs softens, lighten, removes objects from the center of the screen that blocks your progress, clones areas, and numerous additional edits and tweaks help to swiftly modify the appearance of your landing page. Available for iOS and Android.

To best showcase your work, you should develop a professional-style graphic design.

Now that you’ve learned the processes which will allow you to make great designs, we intend to take you through several more instructions that will help you bump up your game even further. Follow all these instructions, and you will create a landing page that stands out and convert visitors into leads.

Start by making a sketch.

Before you begin to create your landing page, create an outline or sketch on paper to show your ideas and so that you can see the final results firsthand. Read about what a mockup is on different design websites and create designs like a pro.

Carry out color palette creation.

Figure out a color scheme that aligns with your business style. Also, try to have more of the right colors for all designs of your brand. Consequently, your business corporeal colors will make your customers recognize you more quickly. Are you interested in keeping track of the Pantone colors that are appropriate to use in your field? Visit our website to learn more about the multicolored presence of Pantone colors and the four-color CMYK mode.


Use a maximum of two or three typefaces per advertisement on your landing pages. In addition to choosing a typeface that looks nice, select a font that has a decent level of readability. The advertising ought to continue to be understood clearly, aside from standing out. Do not plaster too many advertisements, they must contain only the crucial details.


You have no excuse to procrastinate starting your next successful company page. Thanks to the extensive assortment of totally free banner design apps listed, you’re now able to become a seasoned pioneer in your field. All you need to do is utilize your imagination.

You already know exactly what you want and with whom you’d like to work, which is exactly what we specialize in! Use this service for your designs, and you will not be disappointed with the outcome at all.

We also offer an online printing service that allows you to effortlessly order your favorite designs and have them displayed all over the world.

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