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Best Freelance Graphic Design Websites in 2022

If you’re a graphic designer and have many endeavors lined up for new customers, it might be tricky to concentrate in just the few new projects ahead and find success in your freelance work. Having an impressive quantity of work can be an enormous boon to your earnings, but your business is apt to benefit from searching for new freelance job opportunities to improve earnings.

In any case, searching freelance work will require some time and effort from you yet, with time, it has been made quite simple to secure freelance work as a graphic designer. Graphic designers often feel burdened with the number of platforms on their website. A quick search on Google will furnish you with countless freelance websites, which can be intimidating.

If you’re interested in obtaining a freelance position, here is a list of our freelance websites. Here you may find a selection of the top freelance websites for all kinds of graphic designer jobs. While a number of websites focus primarily on particular kinds of graphic designers, others have a more general slate of jobs. By finding the many sites you can pick from, you can create an online portfolio of your work.


Upwork is a highly recommended online site to find freelance work, regardless of how skilled a freelancer you are. No matter your line of work, if you’re a freelance graphic designer, website designer, copywriter, support representative, Upwork has the available resources to help you. Bilingual employees are available from a variety of sources, including Upwork. Regardless of your own business size, whether small or multinational, companies often require people to post job openings and keep track of all applicants.

Formerly Elance, Upwork had a steep learning curve. Before submitting your proposal, you have to show your power by creating an efficient documentation and demand according to the signup rate. Many hungry freelancers are attempting to win the bidding to pick out the best job opportunities.

Upwork is an amazing platform to secure plenty of work and earn projects one after another. So, by signing up on Upwork, it could pay off your time as it has great potential for rewards.


Designhill finds independent contractors the most compatible opportunities to work at. Companies post job requests in the hope that talented designer web designers will obtain multiple entries from which they can pick.

Graphic design contests in which you can monetize your skills and win prizes can be polarizing. On crowdsourcing platforms, if the freelance work you’re incentivized to do appears to be out of your reach, we recognize your pain. But if you can participate in winning graphic design contests, then we know your world.

Designhill helps designers develop their ideas and enable them to sell them on a t-shirt company’s site. It is a great way to provide designers with another mode of transportation to share their artistic works.


Toptal is a freelance platform to find the top 3 top freelance candidates. Applicants must submit to a strict filtering process, and only a few hundred candidates are chosen for each month. This drives Toptal to the top of the list of freelance websites and sets it apart.  Once you start working for companies that use Toptal to search for designers, you may feel intimidated. You are able to eventually prove yourself in these prestigious companies. Shopify, Duolingo, and Airbnb are good examples of companies that utilize Toptal to find start up designers.

We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is thought to be This amazing to date we’re able to obtain almost 3 million signups every month. They’ve numerous job opportunities in graphic design.

Businesses or clients wishing to avail themselves of the best graphic designers must spend no less than $299 to list their job opportunities. It’s made to serve as a screening method to filter out poor job leads.

Google, Amazon, and InVision are freelance platforms where large numbers of legitimate, rewarding opportunities are posted. And, exactly what’s nice about this site is that there’s no need to establish an account. All you need to do is click on a link, and you’ll be taken to the job posting.

If you’re looking for a chance to enhance your earning power without having to depart your home, We Work Remotely is a great platform for top-notch freelance opportunities to fit your skills.


Behance is a freelance job board made in order to help you find freelance talent for any type of project. It has a wide variety of job opportunities like illustrative design, web design, application development, graphic design, and more.

If you develop your portfolio on a respectable image-sharing website and obtain a following, you’ll get positive exposure. Simply because someone viewing your profile may hire you to work within his group. Behance also functions as a social media platform and connects you with other artists. This platform broadens your contact base in order to generate more opportunities.


SimplyHired effectively finds job candidates that are experts in whatever area that they’re searching for. The site features various guides and information to help job seekers. It also provides a free resume builder.

Businesses are not required to pay to place job postings on our website, opening up the possibility for the best freelancers to have an overwhelming number of readily available opportunities. Freelancing professionals are in no way penalized by the number of job listings available to them. Simply post your resume, and you”ll be on your way to pursuing your dream job.


Dribbble is one of the top online sites for hiring freelance graphic designers for many fields and spectrums. Therefore, if you are interested in relevant career opportunities ranging from graphic design, logo design, to product visualization, register for this platform and start searching through the projects posted there.

Just a few decades ago, if you wanted a digg account, you had to already be famous or be related to a photographer or videographer. Creating a new Dribbble profile will help you get a lot of limelight from clients. The freelance platform is a great way to find new clients. Add an exemplary bio and show your best portfolio to the clients if possible.

Graphic designers, web designers, and other creative talent can take part in a freelance design job board to look for their next freelance project.


Fiverr took its name from the fact that it offered freelance jobs for $5, but it now provides a wide variety of services. The cost of the package, its attributes, and other services may be modified. Some entrepreneurs offer small packages for potential clients so they are willing to try out their company.

Fiverr integrated Pay for assignments into the platform; hence, freelance artists did not have to fret over their invoices. This is a fantastic direct platform to begin your freelance career and spread your talents at many different rates for varied projects.


PeoplePerHour refers to the skills they offer as matching clients with the best practitioners, not only compared to other freelance websites. It’s one of the best websites for graphic design that uses artificial intelligence to evaluate the nature of the project and match it with the best freelancer.

The freelancers who have submitted their proposal should establish their price, and clients can look at them from that point. the best solution for freelance advertising is among those listed on it because it is a natural choice for high-quality freelancers and for customers and corporations alike. The website has a direct payment system to eliminate payment disputes.


Guru is a simple website that states it supplies its specifieds. It offers transparent freelance careers on their platform, ensuring everything you wish to do, your expectations are met. They provide the details of their employment posts so that what you’ve got is just what you have expected.

Guru enables freelancers to launch a betting program to confirm their credibility to businesses with expertise in several fields. Project invoicing is simple, with a range of payment options and safe transfers. Guru is a reliable platform to find freelance jobs in a variety of different fields.


99 Designs is an online graphic designing platform with more than 90 services, including logo design, business card design, web and app development, among other services.

All you need to do is upload a description of the job to be done, as well as the freelance designers will offer their take on it. The best one can be chosen from among the alternatives. The platform can be used for hosting contests for freelancers, allowing them to compete against one another to earn the business’s attention. All the freelancers are checked thoroughly so that the companies receive the best value.


DesignCrowd is your basic source to find graphic design work. It connects different groups of designers with companies from all over the world. It is a complete freelance market for companies who want options.

Clients can check out a variety of freelance graphic designers to find someone who fits their style. Because the site features crowdsourcing for their work, folks are sure to discover numerous job opportunities.

The Best Freelance Platform for a Freelance Graphic Designer

Upwork, Fiverr are generally consider to be the best places to begin for freelance graphic designers. Fiverr is also an excellent option for service-oriented freelance graphic designers who need creative recruiting projects. Toptal is also an outstanding fit for service-oriented graphic-design consultants who are looking for excellent projects with established companies. 

Contest-based sites, such as 99designs, give you access to professional graphic providers at a fixed cost. So long as your vision for your graphic product resonates with your selected platform and budget, you should choose the right site for freelance graphic design, especially if you have at hands great platforms with icons, free photos and illustrations.


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